What Is The Density Of Diethyl Ether? 

In the back, while schooling you might have learned about the density of diethyl ether. And now you may have forgotten it. So, let’s learn it again in a different way. Diethyl ether is represented by the chemical formula, (C2H5)2O, and is sometimes abbreviated as Et2O. So, Et2O is an organic compound that belongs to the ether class with some notable properties, including, high volatility, colorless, sweet-smelling, and some odor. Diethyl ether uses are a solvent in laboratories and as a starting fluid for some engines. Formerly, it was used as a general anesthetic, and unit non-flammable drugs were developed, like halothane. So, have a look at the density of diethyl ether

What Is The Density Of Diethyl Ether?

The density of diethyl ether is 713 kg/m3 at room temperature and pressure. The common name for diethyl ether is Ether. 

  • The density of diethyl ether in g ml is 0.7133 g/mL  
  • The density of diethyl ether g/cm3 is 0.71 g/cm

The ether density is more than water, therefore diethyl ether solubility in water is a must. But, due to hydrogen bonding in diethyl ether being less compared to alcohols, therefore it is soluble in water only to a small extent.  Diethyl ether is obsolete as a general anesthetic. As it is highly inflammable and therefore incompatible with modern surgical and anesthetic techniques. Ether has an unpleasant odor and irritates mucous membranes, this can lead to coughing, laryngeal spasm, straining, and hypertension. These are the diethyl ether hazards, therefore, be cautious while handling it. 

Here, you know the density of diethyl ether g/ml. To know more about ether continue reading. Below you will learn how to calculate ether density and its definition. 

Definition Of Density Of Diethyl Ether

The definition of diethyl ether density is a gram of diethyl ether concentrated over one cubic centimeter space. It is the ratio of mass to volume. The definition of ether in the equation form is as, 

The density of Diethyl Ether = mass of Diethyl Ether/volume of Diethyl Ether g/cm3 

In the symbolic form, 

                                  D =    mv g/cm3 

Where, d – the density of Diethyl Ether, 

             v – the volume of Diethyl Ether, and 

            m – the mass of Diethyl Ether 

Let’s move towards the calculation of the density of ether. 

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How To Calculate Density Of Diethyl Ether

To calculate the density of diethyl ether, just follow the procedure given below. 

  • Take diethyl ether in a flask and measure its weight. 
  • Now, measure its volume. 
  • Divide the final values of mass and volume, and you will get the density of ether 

If you can not find it practically, then there is another way of calculating it by using a formula. And it will be better. So, let’s understand the question. 

If 1.0353 kg of diethyl ether with a volume of 1.45 liters is taken, then what will be its density? 

So, by using the formula, 

The density of Diethyl Ether = mass of Diethyl Ether/volume of Diethyl Ether  

                                             = 1.0353/1.45 = 0.714 g/mL. 

So, the density of diethyl ether is 0.714 g/mL which is numerically equivalent to kg/L. 

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Is Ether More Dense Than Water?

Compounds like diethyl ether (“ether”) and ethyl acetate (EtOAc) are less dense than water, and so appear in the top layer when mixed with water.

What Are The Chemical Properties Of Diethyl Ether?

Diethyl ether is an organic compound that is colorless, ethereal odoured, highly flammable, and highly volatile liquid with a melting point and boiling point of -116.3 °C and 34.6 °C respectively.

Which Is Heavier Diethyl Ether Or Water?

Diethyl ether appears as a clear colorless liquid with an anesthetic odor. Flash point -49 °F. Less dense than water and slightly soluble in water.

What Is The Common Name For Diethyl Ether?

Ether is a common name for diethyl ether.
It is also known by the name ethyl ether. The chemical formula for diethyl ether is C2H5OC2H5. It is the most common ether known historically.

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What Is The Density Of Diethyl Ether G Ml?

0.706 g/mL

0.706 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

How Do You Calculate Density?

The formula for density is the mass of an object divided by its volume. In equation form, that’s d = m/v , where d is the density, m is the mass, and v is the volume of the object.

What Is The Density Of Diethyl Ether In Kg M3?

713 Kilogram Per Cubic Meter

Diethyl Ether Density: 713 Kilogram Per Cubic Meter (Kg/M3)


After reading this article, you have come across diethyl ether density g/mL and its definition. Diethyl ether is denser than water, but it has limited solubility in water. And it dissolves 1.5 g/100g water at 25 degrees C temperature. Still, ether is used as an anesthetic in some developing countries but its use is completely banned in the medical field in developed countries. Because its high exposure can cause unconsciousness and even death. From now on you will never face any difficulties while calculating the density of diethyl ether.  

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