What Is The Density Of IPA? 

In today’s article, we are going to give you the density of IPA. But, before jumping on its density, you should know about the IPA. What is IPA? Well, the full form of IPA is IsoPropyl Alcohol, which is the cleaning solvent commonly used in industries for cleaning purposes. IPA cleaner is a highly effective cleaner used to clean a variety of substances and remove a variety of soils. This 99.8% IPA is available in a variety of sizes for all types of use. You can buy an Advance IPA and mix it with water in the proportion of 50:50 or 70:30, advance IPA and water respectively. Water-mixed IPA produces less vapor and odor, therefore reducing the risks of toxic fumes or combustion. Well, let’s come back to our density of IPA solvent. 

What Is The Density Of IPA? 

The density of IPA is 786 kg/m3, which is lower than water. The density of water is approximately 1 g/ml while that of IPA is 0.786 g/ml. This means water is much denser than IPA. The density of IPA at room temperature is 0.786 g/ml. The density of any liquid including Isopropyl Alcohol decreases with an increase in temperature. Because as the temperature rises, it makes the liquid heated and there is the greater kinetic energy of the molecules and there are also more vibrations of the liquid molecules. Together these mean that each IPA unit in the solution takes up more space as the temperature increases. And hence, it increases volume and volume is inversely proportional to the density, which decreases the density.  

IPA density can be expressed in other units also such as 

  • The density of isopropyl alcohol g/cm3 is 0.786 g/cm3 
  • The density of IPA in kg/in3 is 785.4 kg/m3
  • The density of IPA in g/mL is 0.786 g/mL 
  • The density of IPA g/cc is 0.786 g/cc
  • The density of 70 Isopropyl Alcohol g/mL is 0.7854 g/mL 

Definition Of Density Of IPA 

The density of isopropyl IPA is defined as the amount of IPA present per cubic space or the ratio of the mass to the volume of the IPA. or in simple language, the density of Isopropyl Alcohol is the ratio of mass and volume. The IPA density is dependent on temperature, pressure, mass, volume, etc. It is inversely proportional to volume and temperature, which means when volume or temperature increases the density decreases and vice versa. Similarly, the IPA density is directly proportional to the mass and the pressure, which means when mass or pressure increases the density also increases and vice versa. 

The definition of IPA density can be expressed in the equation form as, 

The density of IPA = mass of IPAvolume of IPA g/cm3 

In the symbolic form, 

              D =    mv g/cm3 

Where, d – the IPA density, 

             v – the volume of IPA, and 

            m – the mass of IPA 

How To Calculate Density Of IPA? 

To measure the IPA density you need to measure its mass and volume first. Well, it is very easy and simple to measure the mass of the IPA. For that, just fill the IPA in the container and weigh it by using a precise balance and note it down. Now, to measure the volume of the IPA, multiply the area of the container by the length or height of the same container. 

Now, you have both quantities, just divide mass by volume you will get the IPA density. 

The chemical formula of IPA is C3H8O, and it is commonly referred to as Isopropanol or n-propanol, or dimethylcarbinol. It is a colorless and flammable liquid. Do you know? The IPA cleaner looks exactly like water. The boiling point of isopropyl alcohol in celsius is 82.5 deg C while Isopropyl alcohol melting point celsius is -89 deg C.  

For Example, 

Let’s take an example. 

A container with a capacity of 1000 ml is filled with IPA solvent and the weight of IPA solvent is 786 grams. Find the density of the IPA solvent. 

So, by using the formula, 

The density of IPA = mass of IPAvolume of IPA  


                                                  =0.786 g/mL 

Hence, the density of Isopropyl Alcohol is 0.786 g/mL. 

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What Is The Density Of 70 IPA?

Density : 0.785 g/cm3 at 25 °C Note: The information regarding the density is that of the pure substance. Ignition temperature : 399 °C Note: Information regarding ignition temperature applies only to the solvent.

What Is The Density Of IPA And Water?

The densities of water and isopropyl alcohol are 0.9982 and 0.7887 g/c…

What Is The Density Of IPA 80%?

It states that the density of 80% isopropanol is 0.9696 g/mL at 20°C.

What Is Specific Gravity Of IPA?

0.785 – 0.786 g/mL. Specific Gravity @ 20°C / 20°C.


By going through this article, you got the density of IPA g/ml. IPA cleaner is one of the important solvents in the electronic and manufacturing industries. In PCB manufacturing, IPA cleaner is used for the final cleaning of the PCB plates, to remove dirt due to soldering or some other reasons. It is also mixed with water for use as a rubbing alcohol antiseptic. It is used in aftershave lotions, hand lotions, and other cosmetics. Because, IPA is a potent antimicrobial, killing microorganisms by inhibiting growth and stopping their spread. Now, you know all about IPA, including the density of IPA.   

What is the density of IPA?