What Is The Density Of Marble? 

It is important to know the density of marble because marbles are commonly used as decorative. So, you can not use heavy decoration on a light substance. Therefore, you should know about the density of decoratives. Marbles are mostly used for buildings and monuments, interior decoration, statuary, table tops, and novelties, because of their unique colors and appearances. Marble is nothing but a metamorphic rock composed of crystallised carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. So, without taking too much time let’s get started and know the density of marble.  

What Is The Density Of Marble?

The density of marble ranges from 2.52 g/cm3 to 2.64 g/cm3. There are so many types of marble including glass marble, red marble, black marble, and many more. Out of them, the glass marbles are popularly used, the density of glass marble is 2.57 g/cm3. The density of marble powder is 2.69 g/cm3.

Naturally, marble is found in rock form, so the density of marble rock is 2.67 to 2.75 g/cm3. Marble rock undergoes various processes and in this process marble dust is a byproduct, so, the density of marble dust is 2.69 g/cm3. 

Let’s know the marble density in other units also, 

The density of marble lb/ft3 is 160 lb/ft3, the density of marble in kg/m3 is 2711 kg/m3, the density of marble lb/in3 is 169.2422 lb/in3, and the density of marble g/cm3 is between 2.52 g/cm3 to 2.64 g/cm3. 

So, here you are after knowing what is the density of a glass marble and also the density of a glass marble. Let me tell you about the definition of marble density in detail. 

Definition Of Density Of Marble

The marble density is defined as the total mass of a marble per unit volume. The SI unit of the density is kilogram per cubic metre. Marbles are spherical shaped and their density varies between 2.52 g/cm3 to 2.64 g/cm. While the common glass has a density between 2.4 and 2.8 and is inexpensive enough for glass marbles. 

For simple marble manufacturing, softer glasses are preferred as they are easier to heat and work with. Harder glasses are more difficult to work with but break less easily, a property that is desirable for toys meant for young children. 

The density of marble =  mass of marble/volume of marble   kg/m3 


                                  ⍴ =   kg/m3 

Where, ⍴ is the density of marble 

            m is the mass of marble 

            v is the volume of marble 

Well, you know the density formula, let’s understand how to find the density of a marble

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How To Calculate Density Of Marble

To calculate the density of marble, you need to calculate its mass and volume first. Let’s see how to find it, 

  1. Finding the mass of marble is very easy, just measure its weight. 
  2. To measure the volume of marble there are a couple of methods, you can use any one of them. 
  3. One is by direct measurement of the diameter and another is by displacement when submerged in water. 
  4. The second method may be more appropriate if you want to find the volume of a large number of marbles at once. 
  5. Divide the mass by the volume, you will get the marble density. 

Let’s understand with an example. 

A marble of 2 cm diameter and 10 grams of weight was kept on a table. What will be the density of that marble? 

First of all, find mass and volume. Here mass is known which is 10 grams. Let’s determine the volume of marble. 

The volume of marble = 43 πr3          diameter = 2r, therefore r = 1 cm 

                                    = 4/3 x 22/7 x 1 x 1 x 1

                                    = 4.190 g/cm3. 

Now, use density formula, 

The density of marble =  mass of marble/volume of marble   g/cm3 

                                   = 10/4.190 

                                   = 2.38 g/cm3 

So, the density of marble is 2.38 g/cm3.  

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What Is Bulk Density Of Marble?

Density of Marble hard (bulk) g ml = 1.6 g/ml. Density of Marble hard (bulk) g mm3 = 0.0016 g/mm³

What Is The Hardness Of Marble?


All natural materials are graded on The Mohs Hardness Scale. Marble, Travertine and Limestone are generally 2-3 on the Mohs scale while Granites are generally 5-6 and quartz products at 7. (Only Diamonds are rated at 10).

Can Marble Break Easily?

Marble is also brittle and is easily be broken due to careless handling (especially by moving companies). The break very often follows a previous crack or a natural weakness like a vein or fissure in the rock.

What Is The Weakness Of Marble?

Softer than other natural stones, marble, compared to other stones, has a soft and porous surface that makes it more susceptible to coloration, surface stripping by products with a high acid content, and staining by any spilled liquids.

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What Is The Weight Of A Marble?

A common glass marble is about 13 mm in diameter. If it is made of glass which has density 2 7 g/cm³ then its weight is about 3 grams which is about 1/10 of imperial ounce. But marbles may range from less than 1 mm to over 8 cm in diamaeter and they are often made from glass, clay, steel, plastic, or agate.

What Is The Density Of White Marble?

Marble characteristics:

Density – 1.9-2.8 g / cm³. For comparison, the density of granite is 2.6 g / cm³. Specific gravity – depends on density and impurities. 1 m³ of marble weighs 2300-2600 kg on average.

What Is The Density Of A Marble In Kg M3?

Onyx White Marble Slab Density: 2430 Kilogram Per Cubic Meter (Kg/M3)


So, this article has given you all possible information regarding the marble and most significantly the marble density. We have also given a formula to calculate the marble density as well as the practical approach to calculate it.  From now on, you can easily calculate the marble density because you know the formula of the volume of the sphere as well as the density formula. Therefore, in the future you won’t face any difficulty in finding the density of marble


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