What Is The Density Of Osmium? 

Can you tell me the exact density of Osmium? No? It’s okay, I am here to give you all possible information regarding the osmium density. Osmium is one of the chemical elements and one of the platinum metals of Groups 8-10, Periods 5 and 6, of the periodic table and the densest element naturally occurring element. It is a grey-white metal and also very hard, brittle, and difficult to work, even at high temperatures. This means the Osmium melting point is too high. The atomic number of osmium is 76 and its atomic weight is 190.23. What is osmium used for?

What Is The Density Of Osmium?

The density of osmium is 22.57 g cm3. Osmium is the densest metal found on the periodic table. It is a rare metal occurring naturally in the earth’s crust of about 0.001 parts per million. It can be obtained when platinum metals are extracted from its ores. Osmium reacts with other elements in the periodic table, but when it reacts with other elements and forms new compounds then the density of the compound is different than osmium. 

When you see the density of osmium vs lead then you will find that osmium is twice as dense as lead. Similarly, the density of osmium vs Uranium tells us that osmium is denser than Uranium. The density of osmium and iridium is twice that of lead. Let me tell you the osmium density in other units. 

So, the density of osmium in kg/m3 is 22590 kg/m3, the density of osmium in g/mL is 22.59 g/ml, the density of osmium in g/cm3 is 22.59 g/cm3, and the density of osmium per cubic centimetre is 22.59 g/cm3.  

Definition Of Density Of Osmium

The density of osmium is defined as, the ratio of the mass of osmium and the unit volume of osmium. Osmium density is dependent on the mass of atoms, their size, and how atoms in osmium are arranged. Therefore, metals with the same volume but different mass have different densities. Let’s convert this definition in the formula as, 

The density of Osmium  = mass of osmium/volume of osmium g/cc 


                                 ⍴ = m v g/cc 

Where ⍴ is the density of Osmium  

            m is the mass of Osmium, and 

            v is the volume of Osmium  

Now, you know the formula to calculate the osmium density, let me tell you how to calculate it. 

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How To Calculate Density Of Osmium?

Finding the osmium density is very simple because osmium is in its solid form at room temperature. Let’s find its density. 

  1. First of all, determine the mass and volume of osmium. 
  2. Mass is determined by weighing it. 
  3. To find the volume of osmium there are two methods namely the formula method and the water displacement method. 
  4. If the osmium piece is not regular in size then immerse it in the water and measure the risen level of the water, it is the volume of the osmium. 
  5. Now, divide the mass by the volume, and you will get the osmium density. 

Let’s understand with the help of an example. 

A piece of osmium of 10 grams and its volume of 0.5 cm3. Then what will be the density of that piece? 

So, by using the formula of density 

The density of Osmium  = mass of osmium/volume of osmium  

                                       = 10/0.5 

                                       = 20 g/cm3 

So, the density of osmium is 20 g/cm3. 

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Is Osmium Safe To Touch?

Acute skin exposures can cause redness/rash, skin burns, pain, skin discoloration, and blisters. Black staining on the skin can result from conversion of osmium tetroxide to osmium dioxide (which is much less reactive and toxic than osmium tetroxide).

Is There Anything Denser Than Osmium?

At room temperature and a pressure above 2.98 GPa, iridium is denser than osmium, with a density of 22.75 grams per cubic centimeter.

What Is Osmium Density In Kg M3?

Having reviewed crystallographic data for both osmium and iridium, selected values of their densities at a temperature of 20°C are 22,590 kg/m3 and 22,560 kg/m3, respectively, thus confirming that osmium is the densest metal.

Is Osmium Rarer Than Gold?

Funnily enough, Os is considered as a platinum group metal. Additionally it is much rarer than gold, about 1000 times.

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Why Does Osmium Have The Highest Density?

Osmium’s relatively high atomic number along with its small atomic radius, gives rise to osmium’s high density. Osmium (and iridium) have a very small atomic radius, so the mass is packed into a small volume.

Is Osmium The Densest Metal?

Uses and properties

It is the densest of all the elements and is twice as dense as lead. Osmium has only a few uses. It is used to produce very hard alloys for fountain pen tips, instrument pivots, needles and electrical contacts.

Is Titanium Stronger Than Osmium?

It has a variety of uses, for example, chrome plating, pigment production and even tanning. Titanium, unlike osmium, has a very low density but a high strength. Consequently, titanium is noted for having the highest tensile strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element on the periodic table.


So, while going through the article you come to know the density of osmium which is the densest metal with the density of 22.59 g/cm3. The density of osmium element depends upon its mass and volume, and also on the temperature. When temperature increases the osmium density decreases and vice versa. So, you can say, the osmium density is inversely proportional to the temperature. While calculating the osmium density keep in mind that, osmium is highly poisonous, therefore, use hand gloves and glasses. Don’t directly touch the osmium element. So, this was all about the density of osmium


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