The LTO Medical Certificate Explained: All You Need To Know

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LTO Medical Certificate

One of the requisite documents for soon-to-be Pinoys who will be applying for their driver’s license is a document issued by LTO called a medical certificate. This license indicates that you are a sound fit being healthy to drive. Below is everything you need to know about the medical certificate for LTO, what it does and how should you secure one:

LTO Medical Certificate:

A valid LTO medical or driver’s certificate is a very important document accredited by an authorized physician. It is like to prove you have been checked and meet the requirements of health for driving a car or motorcycle.

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Reasons For An LTO Medical Certificate?

Reasons For An LTO Medical Certificate

The importance of an LTO medical certificate reasons

  • Safety Insurance: Making sure that drivers are in fit conditions for driving and they don’t fall into any medical condition.
  • Requirement: This is a legal requirement for individuals who are applying for or renewing their driver’s license to present an LTO medical certificate.
  • Health Screening: This is to identify any health problems which may mean you are not fit enough or well enough, to continue driving.

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How To Get Your LTO Medical Certificate?

How To Get Your LTO Medical Certificate

the good news is securing your LTO medical certificate has a simple flow:

Step 1: Visit An Authorised Doctor/ Clinic

To avail of these certificates, you need to go through a doctor or an LTO-accredited medical clinic.

Step 2: Undergo Medical Tests

Here are the tests you may go through during your visit and will determine if can drive or not as per the doctor:

  • Eyeglass Test: If you need glasses and prescribe the authorization to carry out a test, in addition, they must verify that your vision complies with what is required by law.
  • Auditory test – to verify your capacity for hearing very necessary during driving
  • Physical Exam: A basic review of your health status and the screening for diseases that may interfere with driving.
  • Review of medical history: your doctor will take a few moments to inquire about previous health issues and any medications you are currently on.

Stage 3: Presenting Your LTO Medical Certificate

After all the tests are passed and it is determined by a doctor that you meet health requirements, a person will issue an LTO medical certificate for him. It will be 2 months from the issuance date, which this document is valid.

Steps For A Hassle-Free LTO Medical Examination

  • Book yourself in: You should book an appointment with your doctor or clinic to prevent long waits.
  • Any Valid ID: Any pertinent medical records you have Bring necessary documents to your appointment. For example – Make sure to bring an identification card (ID) valid in the country it is issued
  • Give Them the Facts: Be completely honest and give them your accurate medical history along with any current medications that you are on.
  • Follows Instruction: During the examination, victims need to listen properly and comply with what the doctor instructs.


To sum it all up, an LTO medical certificate is an important document when applying for a new driver’s license or you’re just going to process your renewal. This is a token that the one who possesses it has cleared all health parameters and can drive on the road. Learning how to get this certification, and responding with health information will enable you greatly facilitate the application or renewal of your driver´s license. Drive safely with an LTO medical certificate!


What Is An LTO Medical Certificate?

LTO Medical Certificate – is a paper being issued by the licensed doctors servicing you are fit and competent to drive. One makeshift plate that has a format similar to the real thing LTO requires those who are applying for or renewing their driver’s license(regular non-pro) to have this one.

Who Is Required To Secure An LTO Medical Certification?

All applicants for a new driver´s license in the Philippines or renewal of one there must first secure an LTO medical certificate. This certification verifies that the driver has been medically evaluated for safe driving and met health standards.

What Medical Examinations Are Performed At The Lts?

By basic, we mean the medical examination includes but is not limited to vision testing for eyesight check, hearing test to examine an individual’s auditory capabilities, physical examination, and a review of history with that as a basis they can pinpoint their pre-existing conditions affecting in terms of driving.

What Is The Validity Of The LTO Medical Certificate?

An LTO medical certificate is usually allowed to be used for two months from the day of issuance. When handing in the certificate along with an application for a driver´s license, it is necessary to check the validity of this document.

LTO Medical Certificate Where To Get?

An LTO medical certificate can be issued to you by an LTO-accredited doctor or the nearest clinic. You will need to see a registered medical practitioner who can make all the required checks and give you that certificate so your driver’s license application fulfills one of those criteria.