What Is Mayate Meaning In Spanish And Slang?

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What is Mayate meaning is the curiosity that you have come to get the answer to. There are many different meanings of the word ‘Mayate,’ and also, it is used as slang. But what does it exactly mean? That is what I have mentioned below.

What Does Mayate Meaning In Spanish?

Mayate in Spanish means a type of beetle called the figeater beetle, also known as the June bug. 

Some people also refer to the rhinoceros beetle as Mayate in Spanish.

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What Is Mayate Meaning In Slang?

Mayate means homosexual or bisexual in slang, and it is a Mexican slang term. It is used to insult a man for homosexuality. It is specially referred to the men who charge to have sex.

Another usage of this slang is to refer to a black person or dark-skinned people, which is a  Chinano slang term.

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Mayate Slang Origin

It is found that the slang Mayate was first noticed in the text by Carlos Roumagnac in 1904 known as “Criminals in Mexico: essay of criminal psychology”. Here you can read the reference of mayates and horses as slang in the prison. It is directed to as Mayate and horses to the males as at the top and horses as at the bottom roles. It refers to the heterosexuals or homosexuals that have sex with men where there are no women. 

Uses Of Mayate Slang

The use of Mayate slang is done in different ways to also insult someone.

  • It is used to refer to a man as homosexual and bisexual.
  • It is also used to refer to black people in some places.


Mayate has different meanings in slang; however, using it to refer to anyone is actually insulting in some way. Also, the word is not considered Spanish; it is Mexican slang. I would say that judging, commenting, or referring to someone based on their sexuality and race is not right, and I would not encourage any of my readers to do so.


What Does Mayate Mean In English?

Mayate is slang that is used to refer to homosexuals, especially to the ones who charge to have sex. It is also used to refer to a dark-skinned 

What Is Mayate Insecto In English?

Mayate Insecto In English Entomology means figeater beetle, green fruit beetle, fig beetle, June Bug, and rhinoceros beetle.

How Do You Pronounce Mayate?

Mayate in Spanish is pronounced as “mah-yah-teh”.

What Is The Plural Of Mayate?

The plural of Mayate is Mayates which means June Bug, rhinoceros beetle ehn referred to bugs, and in slang it means homosexual and bisexual.