What Does Shibal Meaning In Korean?

Ronald Lewis

Shibal Meaning

If you are a fan of watching Korean movies and series then you know Shibal Meaning? You must have definitely heard the word “Shibal”. Is Shibal a Cuss word or how Improper is it to use the word? Let me explain this to you in very simple words.

What Does Shibal Meaning?

Shibal is a word that directly means fuck you and it is an inappropriate word to say to someone. The word is used by many Koreans to either curse someone or be used between friends just the same way as the word fuck you is used in English. 

It is a very powerful swear word and TV and radio stations are not allowed to use this word. Mostly the word can be heard in Korean movies and series where gangsters and street fights are shown.

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Shibal Definition

Shibal Definition

The word Shibal is divided into two parts “shib” and “Al” where shib means cunt which means female “genital” whereas al means “do”. So this together literally means cunt will do which is translated as fuck in English.  

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Is Shibal A Curse Word In Korean?

Yes, Shibal is a curse word and should not be used by anyone and anywhere. It is a very bad and very Offensive language to say to someone. The word is also avoided in Korean series and movies. 

Male Equivalent Word Of Shibal

Jot is an equivalent word of Shibal where Jot refers to male genital. Like shibal means female cunt would do the same way Jot means peel your cock or get it circumcised. There are many variations in Jot like Jolla and Jot-do molla. 


As every language in the world has curse words that have human genitals related the Koreans also have such words. Shibal is a very such word and Koreans say it when they need to curse someone the same as the word fuck you is used in English. As now you know what is shibal you should never use such inappropriate words or curse anyone in any form.


Does Shibhal Mean Cursing Someone?

Yes, shibal means a bad word, a cursing word, or an inappropriate word that means fuck you.

What Is Shibal In Filipino?

Shibal is a very flexible word that can be considered as a verb, adverb, or adjective depending on how is it used but the meaning remains the same that is fuck you.

What Does Shibal Mean In Korea?

Shibal in Korean means fuck you and it is an inappropriate word to say to someone. Shibal is used by many Koreans to curse just like the word fuck is used in English.