What Is A Group Of Pigs Called?

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The world of pigs is not just about oinks and snouts; it’s a social realm where these intelligent animals form communities. Ever wondered what a congregation of these porcine creatures is called? In this article, we explore the intriguing dynamics of pig groups, shedding light on their collective names and the reasons behind them.

What Is A Group Of Pigs Called?

A group of pigs is commonly referred to as a “sounder.” This term encapsulates the social structure of these animals, highlighting their tendency to stick together and move as a unit. The concept of a sounder extends beyond mere nomenclature; it reflects the cooperative nature ingrained in pig behavior.

Why Is A Group Of Pigs Called A Sounder?

The term “sounder” originates from the Old English word “sundor,” meaning to swim or move together. Pigs, known for their strong social bonds and cooperative behavior, embody this notion as they forage, roam, and explore their surroundings as a unified group. The term not only captures their physical movement but also reflects the harmony within their social structure.

Group Of Boars: Distinguishing The Males

While the general term for a collective group is a sounder, a specific gathering of male pigs is known as a “sounder of boars.” Boars, or adult male pigs, may form smaller groups within a larger sounder, exhibiting their own distinct social dynamics.

What Is A Group Of Wild Boars Called?

In the wild, where pigs are free to roam and establish their territories, a group of wild boars is commonly referred to as a “sounder” as well. This term applies both to domesticated and wild pig populations, emphasizing the consistent social nature of these animals across different environments.

Group Of Pigeons Vs. Group Of Guinea Pigs: Clarifying The Confusion

It’s easy to get terminologies mixed up, especially when it comes to collective nouns. While a group of pigeons is called a “flock,” and a gathering of guinea pigs is called a “group” or a “herd,” the pig world uniquely identifies itself with the “sounder.” Understanding these distinctions ensures accurate communication about various animal communities.

How Many Is A Herd Of Pigs?

The term “herd” is commonly associated with animals, but interestingly, it is not the primary collective noun for pigs. However, if you hear someone mention a “herd of pigs,” they are likely referring to a large group of these animals. The term is less specific than “sounder” and might be used in a more general sense.

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Sounder Of Pigs Vs. Drift Of Pigs: Navigating Terminological Waters

While “sounder” is the more widely accepted term for a group of pigs, some sources also use the term “drift” interchangeably. The term “drift” emphasizes the collective movement of pigs, perhaps inspired by their tendency to roam and forage together. Both terms, sounder and drift, capture the essence of pig group behavior.


Understanding what a group of pigs is called opens a window into the social lives of these remarkable animals. Whether it’s a sounder of domesticated pigs or a group of wild boars, the terminology reflects their interconnectedness and cooperative behavior. Next time you encounter these fascinating creatures, you’ll have the linguistic tools to describe their collective presence accurately.


What Is A Herd Of Feral Pigs Called?

The most accurate term to describe a group of pigs is “drove.” The term is mainly used when referring to a group of young pigs. Groups of older pigs often go by the name sounder or team. Alternatively, a drove of pigs can also be referred to as drift. The two terms are used interchangeably.

How Many Pigs Are In A Sounder?

Sows and their young travel in family groups, called sounders. Sounders can include a few to as many as 30 pigs. The adult males (boars) eventually split off from the sounder and become solitary.

What Is The Pig Family Called?

Suidae is a family of artiodactyl mammals which are commonly called pigs, hogs or swine.

What Is A Group Of Pigs Called In Australia?

A group of feral pigs is often referred to as a ‘mob’ or ‘sounder’, which typically consists of related sows (mother, daughters, sisters, aunts, etc.)

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