What Is A Repass?

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In the realm of commemorating the lives of loved ones, the concept of a repass holds significant cultural and emotional importance. Rooted in tradition and serving as a gathering of support and remembrance, a repass is a ceremony or event held following a funeral or memorial service.

What Is A Repass?

A repass is a communal gathering where family, friends, and acquaintances come together after a funeral service to share condolences, memories, and often a meal. It provides an opportunity for attendees to offer support, comfort, and companionship to the bereaved family members and each other during a time of mourning.

Purpose And Significance

The primary purpose of a repass is to offer solace and support to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. It serves as a moment of collective reflection and shared memories, allowing individuals to express their condolences and share stories about the deceased.

Cultural Variations

The customs and traditions associated with a repass may vary across different cultures and communities. Some repasses feature specific foods or dishes that hold cultural or familial significance. In some communities, it’s customary to bring prepared dishes as a gesture of support for the grieving family.

Creating A Sense Of Community

Beyond its role in providing comfort, a repass fosters a sense of community. It brings together individuals who may not have seen each other for some time or who may have traveled from afar to pay their respects. It’s a moment to unite in solidarity, celebrating the life of the departed and offering strength to those mourning the loss.

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Navigating Grief And Healing

The healing process after losing a loved one is deeply personal, and a repass plays a role in this journey. While it doesn’t diminish the pain of loss, it provides a space for collective grieving, allowing individuals to find solace in the shared experiences and connections formed during the gathering.


In essence, a repass is more than just a post-funeral gathering; it’s a meaningful ritual deeply ingrained in many cultures. It’s a testament to the resilience of communities coming together to support one another in times of sorrow, emphasizing the importance of shared connections and compassion during moments of loss.

The act of coming together, sharing stories, and honoring the memory of the departed through a repass not only provides comfort but also reaffirms the bonds that unite us in our journeys through life and loss.


What Is A Repass At A Funeral?

The repast is a time for friends and family to come together after the loss of a loved one, offering condolences with food as comfort. It is followed by an informal dinner following a funeral or memorial service, allows family members to spend time with loved ones to process and heal after the loss of someone close.

What Is The Difference Between A Repass And A Wake?

In days past, a Wake was a common form of saying farewell to our deceased. Today we have gentler titles like Repass (repast) or Celebration of Life. The difference in these events is the actual presence of the loved one who has passed away.

What Is A Repast In A Funeral Program?

Originating from religious and cultural traditions, a repast serves as a communal space for family and friends to gather, eat, and find comfort in each other’s company. This meal often occurs in a church hall, community center, funeral home, or even a family member’s home.

Who Should Go To The Repass?

In most cases, anyone can attend the repast. There is also the option of having it as a private affair for only invited guests, but this is rare. Unlike the funeral, the repast is a celebration. It celebrates the deceased’s life by bringing their family, friends and well-wishers together to break bread collectively.

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