What Is A Target Plus Item?

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In the realm of retail, consumers are continually seeking convenience, reliability, and quality. Target Plus emerges as a curated program designed to meet these demands, offering shoppers an elevated experience through a carefully selected range of products.

What Is A Target Plus Item?

Target Plus represents an initiative by the renowned retail giant, Target, to expand its offerings beyond the traditional marketplace model. It serves as a platform for third-party sellers to collaborate with Target, showcasing their products on the Target website under the Target Plus umbrella.

Key Characteristics Of Target Plus Items

  1. Curated Selection: Products listed under Target Plus undergo a meticulous selection process. Target meticulously evaluates and selects third-party sellers and their products, ensuring they align with Target’s standards of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced Shopping Experience: Target Plus items aim to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers by providing a diverse range of products that complement Target’s existing offerings. This curated selection often includes unique or specialized items that add value to the Target shopping ecosystem.
  3. Quality Assurance: With Target’s stringent quality standards, items under the Target Plus program are expected to meet specific criteria, assuring customers of a certain level of quality and reliability.
  4. Exclusivity and Differentiation: While Target offers a wide array of products, Target Plus items often bring exclusivity or differentiation, offering shoppers access to unique or niche products they might not find elsewhere.

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Benefits For Shoppers

  1. Trusted Platform: Shopping through Target Plus provides customers with the assurance of shopping from a trusted platform like Target, known for its reliability and customer service.
  2. Expanded Choices: The inclusion of Target Plus items broadens the variety of products available to shoppers, allowing them access to a curated selection of goods meeting Target’s quality benchmarks.
  3. Quality Assurance: With Target’s endorsement, customers can expect a certain level of quality and reliability in the Target Plus items they purchase.


Target Plus items stand as a testament to Target’s commitment to providing customers with a curated and enhanced shopping experience. By partnering with select third-party sellers and showcasing their products under the Target Plus banner, Target expands its offerings while ensuring quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction remain at the forefront.

For consumers seeking a blend of convenience, quality, and variety, exploring the range of Target Plus items offers a unique shopping journey, presenting a curated selection of products that complement and enrich the overall Target shopping experience.


How Do You Tell If An Item Is A Target Plus Item?

How Can I Identify a Target Plus item? Look for the “Sold & shipped by” label below the product name on Target.com. If it mentions a third-party seller, then it is a Target Plus item.

What Is The Target Plus Strategy?

Target also plans to open sorting centers that will handle and deliver merchandise from partners online Target sellers. The ultimate goal of Target Plus is to reduce the burden of fulfilling online orders for its Target partners online. Maximize the opportunity to sell on Target.

Why Sell On Target Plus?

Co-partnership to determine the best assortment strategy to drive mutual growth. Limited competition at the SKU level, reducing undercutting. Seamlessly integrated partner listings throughout Target.com. Enhanced searchability to find your products.

Is Target Plus Legit?

Target Plus is a premier online marketplace specifically designed for third-party e-commerce sellers. The relatively new platform sets itself apart from other marketplaces by thoughtfully selecting strategic partners to provide customers with high-quality products in niche categories.

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