What Is Rabbit Meat Called?

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What Is Rabbit Meat Called?

When it comes to exploring diverse culinary experiences, rabbit meat often stands out as a unique and flavorful option. However, unlike other meats commonly found on our plates, rabbit has a distinct name that may pique curiosity. In this blog post, we will uncover the name associated with rabbit meat, delve into its culinary merits, and shed light on its growing popularity in various cuisines around the world.

The Distinct Name: Bunny, Hare, Or Rabbit?

While rabbits are commonly referred to by various names depending on their age or species, the meat obtained from rabbits is generally known as “rabbit meat.” The term “bunny” is typically used to refer to young rabbits, while “hare” is reserved for larger species of rabbits found in the wild. However, when it comes to the meat itself, “rabbit meat” is the commonly accepted term across culinary and culinary circles.

Culinary Merits Of Rabbit Meat:

  • Delicate Flavor: Rabbit meat offers a delicate and subtly sweet flavor that sets it apart from other meats. Its taste is often described as being similar to chicken but with a slightly gamier and earthier note. The meat’s mildness makes it an excellent canvas for absorbing flavors from marinades, spices, and herbs.
  • Versatile in Cooking: Rabbit meat is versatile and can be prepared using various cooking methods such as roasting, grilling, braising, or stewing. It lends itself well to both simple, rustic preparations and more intricate dishes, allowing chefs and home cooks to experiment with different flavor profiles and techniques.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Rabbit meat is known for its lean composition, making it a healthy protein choice. It is low in fat and cholesterol while being a good source of essential nutrients like protein, iron, and vitamin B12. Rabbit meat is also considered easily digestible and is suitable for those with dietary restrictions or seeking alternative protein sources.
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: Rabbit farming is often viewed as a sustainable and environmentally friendly practice. Rabbits have a relatively high feed efficiency, meaning they convert their food into body weight efficiently. They require less land, water, and feed compared to larger livestock animals, making them an eco-conscious choice for meat production.

Popularity And Culinary Traditions:

Rabbit meat has a long-standing culinary history in many cultures around the world. It is a popular ingredient in European cuisines, particularly in Mediterranean countries like Italy, Spain, and France. In these regions, traditional dishes such as rabbit stew, braised rabbit, or roasted rabbit showcase the meat’s unique flavors and tender texture.

Moreover, rabbit meat is gaining popularity beyond its traditional strongholds. It is increasingly featured in modern and innovative culinary creations, reflecting a growing appreciation for its taste and versatility. From farm-to-table restaurants to adventurous home cooks, rabbit meat is finding its way onto menus and dinner tables, adding a touch of novelty to gastronomic experiences.


Rabbit meat, known simply as “rabbit meat,” is a delicacy with its own distinct flavors and culinary merits. Its delicate taste, versatility in cooking methods, and nutritional benefits make it an intriguing choice for adventurous food enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike. Whether prepared traditionally or incorporated into contemporary dishes, rabbit meat offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience. So, the next time you’re seeking a culinary adventure, consider exploring the flavors of rabbit meat and discover why it has captivated the palates of food lovers worldwide.

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What Is A Cooked Rabbit Called?

Lapin à la Crème

Lapin is the French word for rabbit, but the rabbits commonly cooked are farmed and young and are properly called lapereaux, a word that

Is Rabbit Meat Called Venison?

Definition. Venison originally described meat of any game animal killed by hunting and was applied to any animal from the families Cervidae (true deer), Leporidae (rabbits and hares), Suidae (wild boar), and certain species of the genus Capra (goats and ibex).

Is Rabbit Called Mutton?

The primary sense of the Australian-English compound underground mutton is rabbit meat; this compound has also come to designate rabbits.

What Kind Of Meat Is Rabbit Meat?

Like other lean meat, poultry, and fish, rabbit meat is a good source of high quality protein. The meat is fine grained and mild flavored. Rabbits sold in the United States for food are commonly crosses between New Zealand and Belgian varieties, imported Chinese rabbits, or Scottish hares.


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