What Is Bumbaclot Slang Meaning? 

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Bumbaclot slang is used on many social media sites, especially on Twitter. The phrase is used in memes and TikTok also but what does it mean? What type of slang is Bumbaclot? Let me tell you everything about it that I know.

What Is Bumbaclot Slang Meaning?

Bumbaclot is a Jamaican slang used to express anger, frustration, shock, and unhappiness just like douchebag and motherfucker. Bumbaclot is used equivalent to the English word fuck. 

The term is used to insult someone vulgarly as the word refers to menstrual pads or cloth that are used to clean the butt.

So when the word is used to refer to someone it means that the person is called a sanitary pad, tampons, or a cloth to clean butt.

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Bumbaclot Origin

The term Bumbaclot is formed by the combination of the words Bumba + Clot where “bumba” or “bomba” is a West African word that refers to a vulva which is the same as the word Butt in English and Clot means cloth in Jamaican English. Merging them both together bumboclot which means menstrual cloth or the cloth that is used to wipe butts. Here menstrual cloth means literally cloth, not the pads and butt wipe cloths not the toilet paper. The word’s original records are found in 1956 in Jamaican English. On 10th July 2003 Urban Dictionary added the word Bumbaclot describing its meaning. 

The term Bumbaclot can be spelled as Bumbaclaat, Bumbclaat and Bumbaclo.

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How Did Bumbaclot Slang Spread?

This started on Twitter now known as X on the 3rd of September 2019 when @rudebwoy_lamz posted an image captioned “Bomboclaat”. It was the image of an animated series known as Catdog. The post became very popular and had 13,000 likes and 3,300 retweets within 60 days itself.

Many started using the phrase alongside and some of them also criticized the image.

Later @rin_becalm tweeted about Bumbaclot saying that this is not a word used for greeting and it’s a word to express shock and anger and asked people to stop using the word. This tweet got 3800+ likes and more than 2000 retweets in a month of time. After this, the term got popular on many other social media sites.


This is how Bumbaclot slang being a Jamaican slang got spread via Twitter and people started using it. The world literally means to say Fuck in anger and is used to insult someone badly. So it is really important that you know the exact meaning of any terms and slang before using it.


What Is A Bloodclot In Jamaican?

The actual meaning of Bloodclot in Jamaican means blood cloth which is a female hygiene product same as sanitary pads. But using it as slang and showing someone anger literally means you are telling them sanitary pads or tampons.

Is It Bumbaclot Or Blood Clot?

Bumbaclot also spelled as Blood Clot is often used as slang to express shock and frustration.

What Does Bloodclaat Mean In Jamaican?

The word Bloodclaat means sanitary cloth or sanitary cloth but it is used as a slang to express and show shock and anger.

What Is The Origin Of Bomboclaat?

The origin of the word Bomboclaat or Bumbaclot was first recorded in 1956 in Jamaican English. Here the Bombo or bumba means butt and clot means cloth so its meaning is butt cleaning cloth or sanitary sites.

What Is A Bombaclot?

Bumbaclot is a Jamaican Slang that is used to express feelings of anger, shock surprise, and irritation.