What Is The Density Of Hair? 

You might be wondering after hearing about the density of hair. Because many people thought that hair is so light-weighted then how it is possible to measure its density. But, it is possible. Generally, you categorize your hair by its length, color, texture, coarseness, or thickness but rarely categorized by its density. Now, you may be thinking that hair density is measured by a density formula. No. it is not measured by a density formula, there is a different concept for hair density, which will be discussed below. Without having a lengthy introduction let’s get started and know the density of hair

What Is The Density Of Hair?

The density of hair is between 800 to 1290 hair strands per square inch, it is average density. Your hair density refers to how many strands of hair grow per square inch of your scalp. The density of hair meaning is how much hair you have on your scalp in one square area. Hair density is one factor that determines how to best style your hair or which hairstyle will be suited to you. Let me explain to you, 

If your hair density is extremely low or you are bald, then you can use a hair wig, an easy and quick option. The density of hair wig is around 120% which is considered medium to thick. If you don’t want to go with a hair wig, don’t worry you can increase your hair density with other treatments also. 

How to increase the density of hair? To increase hair density there are several ways, go natural with aloe vera, oil massage, gelatine remedy, onion and honey hair loss cure pack, onion oil, tea-tree oil massage, etc. 

So, you have an idea about what is density of hair and also how to increase hair density. Let’s know the density of hair definition in detail. 

Definition Of Density Of Hair

The density of hair is defined as the number of strands of hair growing out of each square inch of your scalp. Typically there are 80,000 to 120,000 hairs on your scalp. And the hair density normally is highest at your vertex, the area at the back of your head also known as your crown. And it is less on the top of your head. Hair density varies from person to person and tends to differ by ethnicity. It also varies according to the age of a person. There are three main hair density types namely low, medium, and high. 

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There is no formula for hair density. Now, you may be thinking about how to calculate hair density. It is not necessary to get out a microscope and start counting individual strands of hair. Just having a general idea about whether your hair density is on the thin or thick side can help you determine the health condition of your hair. 

How To Calculate Density Of Hair?

To calculate the hair density is much more complicated and also there is no formula to measure it. Also, it is not possible to count individual strands of hair. But, do not lose hope, there is a way to measure it. 

The most accurate but least practical way to measure your hair density is by counting the individual strands in only a 1-inch area of your scalp and then multiplying it by the total area of your scalp. 

But, researchers commonly use an imaging technique called trichoscopy in a lab setting to achieve this. 

The gold standard method to measure the hair density is with a photo program, an imaging technique that allows researchers to measure hair density and the growth phase of each individual hair. So, the density of hair on scalp is not possible to measure correctly but it is possible by imagination. 

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What Does High Density In Hair Mean?

What is Hair Density? Simply put, hair density refers to the number of curly strands you have on your head. The more strands you have, the higher your density is; the fewer the number of strands, the lower your density.

How Do You Measure Hair Density?

The ponytail test: Pull up your dry hair into a ponytail, then loop it with a piece of ribbon to measure the circumference of your ‘do. Place the ribbon next to a ruler. If it’s less than two inches, you likely have low-density hair, and if it’s more than four inches, your hair is on the denser side.

Is It Possible To Increase Hair Density?

Include Vitamin C in your diet:
Including Vitamin C is one among the most important hair care regimes that you should follow to improve hair density. You should consume a lot of Vitamin C rich food, which can help to strengthen the hair roots and also promote voluminous hair.

What Is Hair Density And Texture?

Hair density is the amount of hair strands per square inch on the scalp. The density of a client’s hair will determine the amount of product necessary for your hairdresser to use. This has nothing to do with the hair’s texture. Hair density. Hair texture refers to the degree of thickness of each actual hair strand.

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What Is Considered Thick Hair Density?

To check the density of your hair, start by measuring the circumference of your ponytail. If you have low density hair, the circumference will be less than two inches. Medium density hair is two to three inches, and high density hair is four or more inches in circumference.

Can You Regain Hair Density?

Consuming omega fatty acids can help improve your hair from the inside, since they are filled with nutrients and proteins. Taking an omega supplement , along with antioxidants, helps improve hair density and diameter. It also reduces hair loss.

What Does Healthy Hair Density Look Like?

Per square inch
This is referred to as hair density. One older study calculated hair density in 50 participants. They found that on average there were between 800 to 1,290 hairs per square inch (124 to 200 hairs per square centimeter).


So, after reading this article you come to know that hair density can be calculated but it does not give an exact value. In fact, there is no need to calculate the exact hair density. You can easily check the hair density just by observation or by a hair density test called a pony tail test. Because you can easily understand the health condition of your health by daily observation. When you have excess hair loss, then you come to know that, your hair density decreases. Currently, if you are facing such types of issues then we have suggested some home remedies above. So, this was all about the density of hair. 


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